Nature's Variety Page2
I spotted this guy snuggled up to a
tree trunk on Schooley's Mountain.
American Toad
Carrion Beetles
These two were otherwise
occupied, but they are normally
found on dead animals.
Clymene Moth
I found this moth while hiking up to
Maryland Heights at Harper's Ferry,
WV. I was struck by it's design which
looks like a "Fleur-de-Lis".
Rattle Snake
This fellow was along the trail
while we were hiking in
Saguaro National Park, Arizona
in 1997.
Timber Rattle Snake
This snake was on a rock
about 4ft above the trail,
near Jim Thorpe, PA in
1985. As I tried to get
closer, he made a move
towards me, so I backed
off. Sorry about the quality
of this one, but it's the best I could do.
Timber Rattle Snake Skin
I found this skin a few feet off the
trail while hiking at Tongue Mountain near Lake George, NY.
Whitetailed Deer Fawn
I spotted this gecko in a
tree in Bermuda in 1991
Green Frog
We saw this guy at Saguaro National Park in
Arizona. We were told that they frequented
the spring nearby, and sure enough.
Black Bear
This "junkyard" bear was very large. Fortunately,
I was in my car when I took this photo. He was
walking in the road when I first saw him, then he
turned through the gate, into the junkyard.
Leaf Beetle
Leaf Roller
Red winged Blackbird
This bird was having a fit as I tried to find it's
nest. it kept hovering a few feet over my
head. I never did find the nest.
Syphid Fly
This common fly is often
mistaken for a wasp. It
actually is hamless to
humans and eats aphids.
Wasp building a nest
I took this photo while the wasp was building the nest in
the spring. My wife discovered it while house cleaning in
the spring. By then they had hatched and there were a
bunch of them hanging around the nest.
Snapping Turtle
I rescued this little guy from the middle of the road
near Ghost Lake. His shell is just about 8-9 inches
This fawn was near the trail in Loantaka Park,
but I didn't see it's mother, though I'm sure
she wasn't far away. The deer in this park are
very tame due to the heavy use by humans.